Pilot Candidate Selection Method
Test of Basic Aviation Skills (PCSM/TBAS)
AFOQT Prep Materials

AFPC/DSYX has approved these materials for use in AFOQT preparation; to promote fairness in testing, these materials are being made publicly available. However, AFPC/DSYX does not endorse a particular method of test preparation and does not review materials other than to determine that materials do not constitute test compromise.

Individuals who have developed other test preparation materials (e.g., for an AFROTC detachment) must submit materials to obtain AFPC approval. Approved materials will be made publicly available on this website. Please email AFPC/DSYX Research & Assessments (AFPC.FMLO@randolph.af.mil) for review.

NOTE: These materials may be used for SELF-STUDY only. Per AFI 36-2605, formal or informal group study is NOT authorized.

AFOQT Form T Prep Materials [operational version BEGINNING February 14, 2015]