Pilot Candidate Selection Method
Test of Basic Aviation Skills (PCSM/TBAS)
Board Dates
Pilot Selection Board Information


Update Suspense
Board Date
Contact Info
Active Duty
18 Nov 2016
Jan 2017

(210) 565-3442

1 Jan 2016
1 Feb 2016

(334) 953-6588

ROTC Supplemental

(334) 953-6588

OTS 15OT03
3 Jul 2015
13 Jul 2015

If you are an active duty AF member please refer to the Air Force
Recruiting Service BOT Program AF Portal Website for the most current information on how to apply for BOT; all others go to www.airforce.com to locate an Air Force Line Officer Accessions Recruiter for assistance.

OTS 16OT03
25 Jan 2016
16 Jan 2016
OTS 16OT04
13 Jun 2016
25 Jul 2016
NOTE: This information is the most current we have available.  Always check directly with the Flying Boards for the most up-to-date information.